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Nutrition & Vitamins

Lily Nichols RDN - Real food for pregnancy and gestational diabetes.
Aviva Romm MD - Natural pregnancy information.
Flourish - Living liquid probiotics for gut health.

Pregnancy, Labor & Birth

Evidence Based Birth - Information on evidence based care practices.
Mama Natural - Natural pregnancy and mothering blog.
Birth Without FearBirth stories, supporting birth options for women.
Miles Circuit Technique to optimize fetal positioning during labor.


Breech Birth


Kelly Mom - Breastfeeding topics and troubleshooting advice.
Dr. Jack Newman's Visual Guide to Breastfeeding - You tube video step by step guide to breastfeeding.
La Leche League International Support through the breastfeeding relationship.


Babywearing International - Resource for all things baby wearing, carriers and wraps.


Microbirth - The latest scientific research about the microscopic events happening during childbirth.
Why Not Home? - The surprising birth choices of doctors and nurses.
The Face of Birth - A movie about empowering you in childbirth.

Chiropractic Care

ICPA - Chiropractic benefits for infants and children.
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