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Client Reviews

Beth is the epitome of a caring, skilled midwife. Throughout my pregnancy, she went above and beyond the routine prenatal care, taking the time to talk through my questions and concerns and providing actionable recommendations that helped me prepare for a smooth home birth. This was particularly important as I have both a history of miscarriage and had a difficult first birth and postpartum experience. Beth worked with me to address my anxieties, establish a comprehensive birth plan I was comfortable with, and ensure I was prepared for the birth of our second son. When labor arrived, I felt comfortable, well cared for and confident in the care Beth and her team provided, leading to a truly beautiful and healing birth. 


I felt so empowered and supported. I felt SO happy with my peaceful birth experience. Even parts that could have been traumatic felt calm and well cared for. I never felt stressed or anxious. I want all woman to feel as well cared for and supported when they go through such a big event in their life. 

Beth has such a calming presence and is so capable that I was at ease throughout my entire pregnancy and labor.

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